Course curriculum

    1. Introduction & Agenda

    2. Slide Transcript (Optional)

    1. Kristin's Story - Mom to London Quinn

    2. The Experience of Grief

    3. Invisible Motherhood - Marny's Story

    4. Meeting Patients Where They Are At

    5. Erasure - Liz's Story

    6. Self-Reflection

    1. What Is a Rainbow Clinic?

    2. Why is the Rainbow Clinic Needed?

    3. Hope - Laura's Story

    4. The Success of the Rainbow Clinic Model

    5. Review: The Rainbow Clinic

    1. The PAL Journey Begins...

    2. Balancing Hope & Fear - Alishia, Ana & Jill

    3. Making Sense of the 1st Trimester

    4. Introduction to Role Play Scenarios

    5. Role Play: The Waiting Room

    6. Building Trust at Every Touchpoint

    7. Role Play: First Impressions

    8. Role Play: Scheduling

    9. When the Worst Happens, Again - Felicia's Story

    10. Review: Building Trust in Early Pregnancy

    1. And Things Just Got Real! Welcome to the 2nd Trimester

    2. Triggers - Hilary's Story

    3. Normalizing & Managing Anxiety

    4. Caring for Anxious Patients with Compassion - Fernanda, Amanda, Allie, Ana, Samantha & Jill

    5. Role Play: Under Pressure

    6. Role Play: Ultrasound Exam

    7. Review: Realistic Expectations for the 2nd Trimester

    1. The Pregnancy That Never Ends - The (Long) 3rd Trimester

    2. A Trimester in Hell - Jill's Story

    3. Partner & Family Anxiety - Sudeep & Bobbie's Stories

    4. Making the Hypervigilant PAL Patient Feel Heard

    5. Role Play: False Alarms

    6. Validating Concerns & Empowering Patients - Allie's Story

    7. Review: Getting Through the 3rd Trimester

About this course

  • $150.00
  • 52 lessons
  • 1 hour of video content
  • Estimated Time to Complete: 2.5 hours
  • Live Q&A Panel (Add-On Option)
  • Completion Certificate


A convenient option for prenatal care providers/staff to learn how to provide world-class, sensitive care to patients who are pregnant again after a perinatal loss

  • Lightning quick (<5 min) lessons

  • Use any device, even on the go

  • Audio narration, videos & transcripts included

The PAL Patient's Voice

This training was created *by* patients who have experienced pregnancy after loss (PAL) firsthand, and informed by leading experts in mental health and perinatal bereavement, and international researchers on the prevention of adverse pregnancy outcomes.

Let's give loss families the care they deserve, together.